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Q1 Newsletter – 5G: Connecting the World

By February 2, 2017October 9th, 2017No Comments

T his quarter, we take a look at the potential benefits of 5G as we continue to see a greater number of connected devices (e.g. IoT) and higher bandwidth consuming applications such as streaming HD video. 5G aims to offer higher capacity than 4G, allowing a higher number of mobile broadband users per area unit, and allowing consumption of higher data quantities. Some of the key characteristics of 5G include:

  • Large increase in speed from 4G. The new network is also very flexible: it can adapt to a number of very different objects, making the experience much more user-friendly.
  • Enabling new services that can take advantage of lower latency and higher bandwidth, such as Autonomous Driving, Virtual Reality, and Video Calling and Streaming. However, all connected devices will benefit from 5G.
  • Improved network responsiveness and reduction in power consumption for connected devices, paving the way for a world that is close to being 100% connected.

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Quarterly Newsletter, February 2017